Rapid Propagation Biotechnology

Aeroponics International's Aeroponic biotechnology for rapid propagation provides a means to increase crop production and develop healthier plants. It allows for a significant reduction in the cost of crop production and maintenance. Rapid Propagation Biotechnology (RPB) mass propagates plant material and can physiologically guide them to full term for harvesting or transplanting.

RPB is a self-contained controlled ecological life support system (CELSS). It is the state-of-the art plant production technology for the 21st century.



Explants, vegetative cuttings or seeds are placed into special expandable incubator holding vessels. The propagation frame is suspended within the chamber's sterile environment for isolated leaf and root zone manipulation. RPB's proprietary system rapidly propagates plants through a software controlled expansion process based upon plant specific physiological and environmental requirements.

 RPB utilizes an aerobic processor and filtration system for the air, water, and nutrient solution, thus maintaining constant sterility of the plant. Its near total ability to eliminate the introduction of pathogens ensures a system that will monitor itself and provide micro-level optimal growth variables.

This system is designed for maximized crop spacing and growing cycles with safety overrides to prevent plant loss in the event of power interruptions.

Nutrient, zone temperature, conductivity, pH, media content, time of media exposure, humidity and other relevant environmental parameters are precisely controlled. All data is formatted and readily available for quality control. RPB provides crop environmental controls to repeat production schedules at a level not previously achieved.

Aeroponics International's Rapid Propagation Biotechnology eliminates the need for tissue culture and other forms of propagation such as NFT, mist systems, and hydroponics. In fact, greenhouse growing and its associated long growth stages, high operating costs, and potential for contamination may be eliminated. This system includes WaterCycle to minimize water usage and sterilize all effluents for reuse to reduce cost of nutrients. The system can be pre-set for hundreds of various individual environmental models for future production runs. 

RPB can be expanded to meet your crop product needs - - you can add up to 50 additional Aeroponic chambers to the system!

If your needs are seed germination, vegetative propagation, explantlet growth, tissue culture explants, mother crop maintenance or full scale production the RPB will provide all of the plant's environmental needs in a unified system without the need of tissue culture facilities or a greenhouse.

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