New Improved Software Technology!

RPB is based upon Aeroponics International's Genesis Series II Aeroponic System being used by major universities, horticultural schools and commercial growers worldwide. Hundreds of plant species have been tested and grown in this system. Now, it has been improved to provide rapid propagation for many additional crops including micro-tuber and mini-tuber seed potato production!

The RPB software provides more tools and power than any CELSS available today. Set the ecological parameters once, for any given cultivars, and let the software take care of all the plants' environmental needs!

Software Features:

Menu & Event Driven Controls 

Programmable Environments

Plant Cultivar Database

Configurable Data Gathering

Maintenance & AutoClean

Sterilization Setups

Artificial Intelligence Monitoring 

Reports, Charts, Printouts

Real Time Modes

System Efficiency Rating 

Fail Safe Operations

Warning Systems

On-line System Information 

Testing & Diagnostics

Pop-up Help Windows

Windows & DOS Compatibility 

Analysis Windows

Numerous Tools & More 

RPB Software Menus and Screens

RPB Software Function Diagrams

Rapid Propagation Biotechnology

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