Rapid Propagation Biotechnology (RPB™)

RPB™ System Features:

RPB is the new standard for CELSS hardware. The base unit consists of the computer, digital

controller,life support hardware and one environmental chamber. The system is expandable, the

controller can operate up to 50 chambers.

Complete ecological control and monitoring of the following:

Leaf Zone Isolated Control including:

* Heating and/or Cooling

* Gas / PGR hydro-atomized injection

* Air & Surface ionization 

* Timed Nutrient, PGR and Rinse applications

* Photo period adjustments

* Light Intensity and Spectrum Ranges

Root Zone Isolated Control including: 

* Heating and/or Cooling

* Gas / PGR hydro-atomized injection

* Air & Surface ionization 

* Timed Nutrient & PGR applications

* Timed Rinse applications

* Auto-Clean maintenance capability



Additional Features: 

* pH & Conductivity Control

* Micron Filtered Air Exchange 

* Reverse Osmosis (R/O) Water Filtration

* Nutrient Pasteurization

* Room Monitoring and Control 

* Chamber Pressurization

* Re-use and/or complete discharge of all effluents

Extra competitive features:
* Two step production process (insert and harvest)
* More abundant and healthier plants
* Multi-plant species propagation and vegetation capabilities
* More and faster crop production cycles
* Cropyields of up to 30 times that of conventional methods
* No messy vessels, containers or pots to clean up
* Complete elimination of agar contamination
* Reduced explant & agar sanitation preparations
* Lower labor, material, energy and production cost
* Ecologically safe and easy to operate

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