Rapid Propagation Biotechnology (RPB™)


Dimensions: 14'L x 3' W x 5.5'H  pH Resolution: + 0.01
Operating voltage: 110 VAC (35 amps) R/O Water purity: 99.9%
R/O Purification Rate: 10 GPH  Max/Min water pressure: 150/70 psi 
Conductivity Resolution: + 5 microhms/cm  Temperature Resolution: + 0.5F.
Temperature Control Range: 54F. to 110F.  Ionization Charge : pos. or neg.
Fail-safe plant life support: 96+ Hours % Rel. Humidity Resolution. : + 1%
Controllable Intervals: Min. and/or Hr..  Controllable Duration: 1 second
Gas Pressure Range: .01 to 70 psi  Pressurized Capacity: 70 psi 
Applicable Gases: CO2 Programmable Control Parameters: 32+
Light Spectrum: blue, red & yellow  Solenoid voltage: 24 VAC 
Light Intensity Range: 80W, 120W, 360W  Air Filtration: .01 micron 
Photo Period Control: 0 to 23 hr. Effluent discharge: Filtered (.01 micron) 
Maintenance cycle: Every 240 hr.  Nutrient Delivery: Recalculating & non-recir. 
Power Failure Interrupt Cycle: 17 minutes  MTBF: 8,000 hr. 
No. of vessel supports per chamber: 161 Max. No. plants per holding vessel: 50+ 

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