Rapid Propagation Biotechnology (RPB™)

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Rapid Propagation Biotechnology (RPB™)

System Components (110 VAC or 220 VAC)
Quantity Hardware Description
1 ea. Complete Aeroponic Chamber w/ Evaporation Shield 
1 ea. 3 Way Intensity Photo Period System 
1 ea. Leaf Zone Heating/Cooling System
1 ea.  Root Zone Heating/Cooling System
1 ea. Micron Air Exchange System
1 ea.  Water Recycle System complete with 3 stage UV-pasteurization station 
1 ea. Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Station
1 ea. Booster Station
1 ea. Digital I/O Interface Control Unit
1 ea. Analog Control Unit
1 ea. Leaf Zone Nutrient Injector System
1 ea. Root Zone Nutrient Injector System
1 ea.  Leaf Zone Gas Injector System
1 ea.  Root Zone Gas Injector System
1 ea.  Carbonic/Mist Injector System
1 ea.  Surface Ion Discharge Unit
lea. pH Monitor & Metering Pump w/ probe 
1 ea. Conductivity Monitor w/ probe
1 ea.  Carbon Dioxide Manual Measurement Unit 
3 ea. Sealed Temperature Probes
2 ea.  Humidity Measurement Units
1 ea. CO2 Tank and 100 PSI Regulator
1 ea. Pentium 133 MHz Computer w/28.8 Modem, Mouse, Serial Card, Watchdog-Timer, 32 Megs Ram, Win3.11 Software, Remote Control Software 
1 ea. Sync Master 4 Ne Color Monitor
1 ea. MITT Software Package with Plant DataBase
1 ea. Back-up Power Supply 
1 ea. Plastic Support Bench
1 set  Spare Parts Package (including pumps, UV-bulbs, filters, temperature probes, etc.)
1 ea. One year supply of Aeroponic Micro Nutrients, Hormones & Growth Agents
1 ea.  RPB User Manual 
1 ea.  Aeroponic Growers Guide
1 ea.  Maintenance Package

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