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About the MIR pathogen control experiments

Space seeds blast off

Pre-flight CSU test results on legumes

Atlantis Launch Information

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About the NASA pathogen control experiments:
Aeroponics International's Organic Disease Control (ODC) experiment is carried inside a GAP (Group Activation Pack) developed by BioServe (the commercial development agency of NASA) and students at CU, Boulder, Colorado.

The Atlantis crew carried the experiment aboard the MIR Space Station on August 27, 1997..  This experiment will last 3 months. It is the first time that this type of experiment will be carried out in low gravity.  Shown here are BioServe/NASA scientists assembling the test tube container that will house the experiment.

The computer controlled GAP will push the FPA's plunger down thus releasing the water necessary for germinating the seed and sprouting.


Each ODC experiment is contained in individual Fluid Processing Apparatus (FPA) housed inside the GAP. The results of a pre-flight experiment are shown here.

The FPA is a double sleeve unit that contains the water and the seed. The adzuki bean is suspended with the inner sleeve. Air will pass through the breather on the bottom of the unit.   Note the disease infection on the left FPA in the pre-flight experiments on the control group.


Atlantis Launch Information:

The Space Shuttle Atlantis appears to be poised for liftoff after its arrival on the top of the hardstand at Launch Pad 39A.  But several weeks of final preparations are needed before Atlantis is ready for launch of Mission sts_86, which will be the seventh docking of the Space Shuttle with the Russian Space Station Mir.  Liftoff is targeted for no earlier than Sept. 22. (NASA Photo Release Date: 08/18/97 )

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