ODC Organically Derived Colloidals
Nature's natural Plant Growth Promoter & Enhancer
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Make your garden pesticide-free!

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Vegetable/Plant Growth Promoter and Enhancer  Pesticide-free!

ODC now available:  Make your garden pesticide-free starting now!
Make your garden pesticide-free starting now!
ODC: available in a 16 oz. bottle - makes up to 16 gallons!
Liquid Concentrate: 
makes over 16 gallons 
of a non-toxic 
all organic solution


Reduces Transplant
Use as a standalone
apply along with
your fertilizers
trace elements
Reduces the need
for insecticides
Make your garden
Increases seed
survival rates
Revives sick
or infected  plants
Use full strength or
mix a solution for 
 hard to grow plants

The best way to grow an organic garden - start yours today

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Organically Derived Colloidals

Pesticide -free!
Organic bio-control enhances & promotes healthier seeds, plants and vegetables

Proven on plants aboard NASA's Space Shuttle and 
the Mir Space Station (1997-1998)


Now available for greenhouses / growrooms / gardens 
Perfect for trees, houseplants, and
  • Aeroponic & hydroponic systems
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    ODC: Q & A for potatoes and other crops
     Potatoes w/o ODC
     Potatoes  with ODC 

    Promotes faster seed germination, makes stronger root systems, increases growth & yields, adds natural nitrogen to the soil, it's bio-degradable and much more!

    Non-toxic, safe, and easy to use

    All Natural Bio-control Product
    New Scientific Breakthrough
    Proven Effective: Healthier Plants & Hi-yields!
    Absolutely no enzymes, hormones or transgenics, acids, petrochemicals or sludge

    USA, Canada and 64 other countries

    Report to NASA: ODC on Mir Space Station

    Testimonial Letters

    Partial list of plants enhanced with ODC

    Fiber Crops

    16 oz. Economy Size:
  • Makes  a 16 gallon solution
  • Treats over 1,000 seeds/plants 
  • Covers over 1,000 sq. ft.
  • A great product for Organic Gardening!

    ODC - 
    Nature's Plant Growth Enhancer
    Organically Derived Colloidals 

    Mir Space Station floating above the earth
    Tested and proven effective on vegetables grown aboard NASA's Space Shuttle
    and the Mir Space Station
    Click to view close-up
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    Front Instructions

    Reduce pesticides in your garden and grow the healthier plants with more abundant yields!

    "…the widespread use of pesticides - which raises cost and posts health problems - is one of the most pressing problems in agriculture worldwide… scientists foresee improved food safety and ground-water quality, as well as reduced farming cost with Aeroponics International's (ODC) product."

    Quoted in the Denver Post 10/11/97

    The natural liquid supplement for healthier plants & yields

    Liquid Concentrate:
    Ecologically beneficial!

    This concentrate is an organically derived colloidal (ODC) substance that effectively promotes healthier vegetables and plants.  In addition, ODC supplies plants with a natural slow release nitrogen.  This product was developed for NASA as non-toxic bio-control to replace chemical pesticides.

    It can be used safely indoors or outdoors.  Use ODC anywhere in your garden. ODC is environmentally friendly and its perfect for houseplants too!  Tested by leading universities and used on the Mir Space Station as a potent plant growth bio-control.Now available for your garden!

    Potato crop comparison:

    · Increases plant emergence
    · Promotes abundant plant growth
    · Allows plants to grow faster and healthier
    · More bountiful yields
    Seed Potato (Generation 1) harvest comparison:
    Potatoes comparison without and with ODC Potato harvest comparison without and with ODC
    View of the garden just 
    before harvest
     The potato harvest - 
    loads of new baby potatoes!

    Try it – see the difference for yourself!
    Other ODC comparison photos - with plant list from testimonial letters

    ODC (Organically Derived Colloidals) Test Results

    Application Rates:
    Pour 1 ounce of ODC into a one gallon watering can or container and water thoroughly around the base of your plants or seedlings - a small amount goes a long way.  For best results, apply ODC/water solution directly to soil or growing media.  Apply ODC often during the life of the plant.

    Suggested application rates and times:

    ODC Liquid Concentrate:    1 oz. Bottle     16 oz. Bottle 
     2 gal (7.6 liters)
     16 gal (60.5 liters)
         120 plants      1,000 plants
      Minimum application per plant:
       1.5 tsp (8 ml)     1.5 tps (8 ml)
    Cost per plant :
             $.04    less than $.02

    ODC Questions and Answers Section:
     Does ODC contain sludge or sewage waste?  ODC does not contain sludge, sewage, treated waste, manure, nitrates, ammonia, phosphates or potassium. 
     Will it affect minerals that I apply to my garden?  ODC does not affect the natural mineral uptake of plants.
     Is it safe for vegetable plants, tree, shrubs and ornamentals?  Yes, ODC is non-toxic and safe for vegetables,
     plants, tree, shrubs and ornamentals
     Has it been tested by independent research universities?  Yes, has been tested by Colorado State University, University of Wyoming and Michigan State University. We are still  participating in more R&D with major universities.
     Will the benefits of ODC last throughout the growing season?  Yes, it can be used during the entire growing season.
     Do I have to spray ODC on my plants?  It is not necessary to spray your plants.  Simply add it to the soil and the base of the plants.
     Can ODC be used indoors in my house?  Yes, it can be used indoors, around patios, sun porches and greenhouses. 
     Is ODC an all natural product?  Yes, ODC is a natural product made from all natural materials.
     Can ODC be used as a stand-alone supplement?   Yes, it can be used as a stand-alone supplement.
     Can I use ODC on virgin land?  Yes, use it where you do not want to apply chemical pesticides.
     Can I apply it to my compost pile?  Yes, it can assist micro organism activity that breaks down organic matter. 
     Can ODC applied as a foliage spray?  Yes, but it is not necessary - just apply it to the base of the plant.
     What is the shelf-life of  ODC?  The shelf-life of the ODC concentrate and its solutions are indefinite.
     May I use ODC along with my fertilizers?  Yes, it may be applied along with fertilizers and etc.
     Is ODC biodegradable in the soil?  Yes, ODC is 100%  biodegradable!
     Will it harm insect predators like wasps and ladybugs?  No, natural predators will not be harmed. Use as directed. 
     Can it be used around children and pets?  ODC is non-toxic and safe. Use as directed.
     Can I apply ODC to my lawn , trees and shrubs?  Yes, all plants can benefit from applications of ODC.
     Are any special tools required to apply this product?  No, the ODC 16 oz. bottle includes a special  measuring reservoir for mixing. Mix 1 oz. into one gallon fresh water.
     Why should NASA be so interested in our development of this product?   NASA does not want to rely on chemical pesticides that could possibly harm humans and enter into the food chain and the environment.
     Will ODC build-up in the soil? No, it can be used over and over again to enhance plant growth.
     How often can I use ODC on my plants? As often as you like - every amount will make the plant healthier and promote better growth - repeat applications often.
    Can I use ODC in my hydroponic or Aeroponic system?  Yes, simply add ODC (1 oz. concentrate per gallon) into the nutrient holding tank.
    How can I reduce transplant shock when transplanting my potted plants in the garden? Pour a dosage of ODC concentrate directly from the bottle onto the soil around the base of the plant.
    What is the best way from me to see how ODC really benefits my plants? Select a group of plants and pour the ODC solution onto only half of them. Wait several days and make a visual comparison.  Repeat ODC applications during the entire growing season.
    My tomato plants were infected when I purhased them. What can I do to revive them? Pour a dosage of ODC concentrate directly from the bottle onto the soil around the base of the plant.

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