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Science Advisory Board

Dr. Ken Knutson

Director of the Science Advisory Board

Age 63, over 30 years as a pathologist and researcher at Colorado State University. Most recently he is responsible for the introduction of tissue culture to the seed potato industry. Dr. Knutson's past efforts have provided the industry with its currently used tissue culture propagated seed potatoes, which are laboratory certified. Dr. Knutson is widely known and respected in his field.

Dr. James Linden

Associate Professor, Departments of Microbiology and Agricultural and Chemical Engineering, Colorado State University. Early in his career Dr. Linden held corporate positions including Great Western Sugar Company and Adolph Coors Co. positions.  Since 1977, Dr. Linden has been affiliated with Colorado State University. Dr. Linden has performed extensive microbiology research on beets, barley and pharmaceutical crops regarding disease control. Dr. Linden is also co-inventor of the patented Organic Disease Control System (ODC).

Dr. Gary D. Franc

Research and Extension Plant Pathologist, College of Agriculture, University of Wyoming. Dr. Franc has fifteen years research experience with plant diseases including work published on viruses, bacteria, fungi and nematode. His current research and extension program development work emphasizes production problems related to fungal, bacterial and nematode diseases of potatoes, dry beans and sugar beets. Dr. Franc's extension work includes supervision of the plant disease identification clinic and the development of statewide educational programs pertaining to plant disease detection, diagnosis and control.

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