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NEXGen Light Array - Vertical growing (320 Watts)
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NEXGen Light Array - Vertical growing (320 Watts)
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NEXGen Light Array - Vertical growing (320 Watts)
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NEXGen Light Array develop under AgriHouse's NASA R&D for high performance aeroponic food production.

Out performs any LED ligthing system!

This  array delivers over 350 -564 micro-Einstein's of photosynthetic energy @ 320 watts for best growing conditions on the market today.  The light array can be placed within inches of the growing plants with damage to cell tissue or fruiting. Insect will never again bother your crop - exclusive UV Insect Eliminator build-in.

Competitive Advantage: Out performs any LED lighting system!

"LED lights cannot achieve the production capacity per sq meter on a watt for watt basis as compared to this array", ref. NASA report 1997.

crops grown under the NEXGen Light Array


Package: 1 ea.

Size: 48" x 24"  x 8"

Total Weight: 27 lbs

Features: Special filters inhibit both Infrared and UV light waves so only the most beneficial light spectrum reaches the plants. This light array will not overheat your plants. Reveals true plant colors and plant health, and helps inhibit insect infestation.

Cool Running - True Color - Low Wattage - Seed to Flowering - Full Spectrum

MMJ grown under a NEXGen Light Array


  • 8 ea. individual high efficiency BIAX bulbs (rated @ 20,000 hrs ON)
  • UV & IR Spectrum Filter
  • Reflective Canopy
  • 110 / 240 VAC ballast & Power cord
  • Adjustable hanging materials.
  • UV Insect Eliminator
  • No heat transfer lens
  • Extension Cable
  • Instructions
  • PLUS exclusive built-in Insect Eliminator

Warranty: 90-day limited warranty (parts & labor)

NEXGen Light Array maximizes photosynthetic energy (45 in x 24 in x 8 in) Hi-Efficiency bulbs rated at 20,000 hours duty cycle. Less than 2-3F heat transfer to plants! Inhibits UV, IR & insects. No other light (T-5, HID, HPS, or LED)does as much!


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