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Aeroponic GS-V 10-pak w/Light Arrays
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Aeroponic GS-V 10-pak w/Light Arrays
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Aeroponic GS-V 10-pak w/Light Arrays
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The Genesis Series V Aeroponic (10-pak chamber) system with Hi-Efficiency Light Arrays (GS-V L10) is designed for all of your commercial propagation and germination needs. Indoor or greenhouse use.

GS-V L10  is fully automated to precision crop production including reservoir replenishing and advanced fail-safe features.

Commercial Growing Area: The GS-V L10 true aeroponic system delivers 80 sq ft of commercial growing area. Each aeroponic measures 2 ft x 4 ft and includes our NASA developed Hi-Efficiency Light Array eliminating the need for a greenhouse environment.

Soil-less growing from start to finish includes: High pressure pump unit w/ high capacity accumulator, digital timer (multi-settings/ programmable), ea. spray jets (.025" orifice), Hydro-controller, power strip w/ GFP, aeroponic chamber (48 in. Long x 18 in. wide x 16 inches deep) w/ 160 plants support structures, stand, nutrient recycling reservoir (7-gal) w/ auto-refill, 3-stage effluent filtration, stainless steel delivery hoses, pre-filter w/ reverse osmosis pure water supply system, drain connectors, thermo-vapor guard, side panels w/ breathers, plant suspension bar, reservoir over-flow protection, auto-refill, oil-filled pressure gauges, by-pass valve, additional chambers expansion ports, 85 page installation manual and growers guide, and cleaning tools.

6-month supply of nutrients and BEYOND All Natural Plant Health Booster, Seed-Pads (160 ea.), pH Adjuster (Up/Down), Propagation Agent, complimentary lettuce seeds, Aeroponic Encyclopedia CD-ROM.

Hi-Efficiency Light Array (1/4 the photosynthetic power of natural sunlight) (includes UV Infra-Red light filtration and reflective shade cloth and automatic fail-safe plant protection and light timer). (240 watts per array)

Operating voltage: 110 Volt AC 6 amps / one-year limited warranty. Click for more info


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Commercial Aeroponic System 10-pak w/Light Arrays - Fully Automated - Complete System - 80 sq ft of indoor growing capacity. - Email us for quote.


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