Grow Trees and Shrubs Aeroponically

Propagate hardwood branch cuttings in days!

Air-rooted 4 ft branch in days

Grow trees & shrubs and more in days!

"Just wanted you to know that I have gotten 90% success with the rooting of hardwood oak cuttings with your aeroponic system. I would have not believed it (if I hadn't seen it for myself)!! "

J. Brit,
Arbor Day 
Transplant air rooted cuttings without transplant shock when using BEYOND

Transplanted air-root 4 ft branches after several years

Here is how it works:

BEYOND will improve all your plants

Insert hundreds of trees and shrubs into the aeroponic chamber. Within days, the woody stems begin to bud and begin root initiation.

High density growing is possible due to clean sanitary conditions.
Trees and shrubs continuing leafing just like they are in a natural environment.

Start the trees inside an Aeroponic chamber, allowing the trees to grow in an abundant amount of air,

moisture and nutrients. Callus quickly forms on the stems and within days the roots system develops.

Transplant as needed. Aeroponically grown trees do not suffer transplant shock.

Use BEYOND to get going in soil media.

Young cuttings from Douglas Fir trees callous and root quickly in the proper Aeroponic conditions Once transplanted into soil the air rooted Douglas Fir cuttings 
 develop secondary top growth and strong and abundant root systems.


Small caliper or large trees can be propagated using Aeroponics:

Check our database of trees and plants that been grown aeroponically

 Small caliper yew trees developing initial roots.  Large caliper yew tree developing multiple roots.








Grow inside a grow room with artificial lighting:











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and other plants using aeroponics

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