Increase Tomato Production Aeroponically

Compare Aeroponics against hydroponic germination techniques
 Tomato Story:    
	By taking advantage of this Aeroponic system a Colorado tomato grower propagates 
his tomato cuttings in 10 days - they are flowering and fruiting - ready 
for transplanting. 
Well rooted tomato cuting in less than 10 days Flowers and fruited tomatoes root in days
	As with many traditional growers, tomato growers start their plants in pots 
(shown on below/right) - waiting 28 days before being able to transplant them. 
However the air rooted cuttigs are ready to transplant in 10 days (below/left).

Aeroponic rooted tomato cuttings (left) at 10 days vs rockwool grown tomato seeds 14 days and 28 days (middle, right)
	By using Aeroponics tomato growers are able to have faster turn-around times. 
Growers just transplant rooted cuttings into a any media and harvest tomatoes a 
few days later! It can not get any simpler than this!    

Aeroponics tomato transplants in rockwool bags at week 1 (above) and week 2 (right).

Comparative Studies:  
	The number of tomato crop turn-a-round times can be significantly increased using
Aeroponics compared to traditional growing methods such as hydroponic drip technology 
in rockwool bags (as shown below). 

Aeroponic started tomato plants from cuttings -  harvest tomatoes in 30 -35 days!

   In a comparative study carried out by  Colorado Power Partners, Denver, C0    
in 1989, researchers at their Spring Gardens Greenhouse in Silt, Colorado determined    
that their tomato greenhouse growers started their crops from seeds and the    
first harvest-able tomato is at day 68.  

	They harvested tomatoes from these plants until 105th day.  At the end of the growing 
cycle the grower clears of the greenhouse and replaces the contaminated rockwool 
bags with sterilized new bags.  The grower has a 365 day growing season due to the 
natural light provide by the high desert plateau location. 
Research Results 
   Researchers discovered that vegetative tomato cuttings comprising of flowers    
and maturing fruits taken from mature tomato plants after 68 days can be used    
as a starter crop using Aeroponics.      
Why is this grower smiling? He reduced his tomato planting to harvesting by 58 days! Aeroponic chamber with tomoto cuttings

Growers can see the difference!

	These Aeroponic start crops resulted in comparable yields and poundage per plant 
and allowed 7.7 crop turn-a-rounds per year compared to 3.47. This is means the grower
can get to market faster.

	Also, the tomato grower saves additional expenses by not using rockwool bags or pots.
The grower also conserves water and re-use all effluent micro nutrients thus providing additional savings. 

TOMATO Propagation in the Genesis Series Aeroponic System

How it works:
Step1. Take cuttings from mature 'mother' plants and insert into the aeroponic chamber Over 400 individual rooted tomato cuttings in just 10 days! 'Cherry' tomatoes - ripen in less than 30 days!

Step 1:

Take cuttings from mature 'mother' plant and 
insert them into the Aeroponic growth chamber.

Step 2:

Add nutrients and ODC. The Aeroponic process develops full root system in 10 days!

Step 3:

Harvest tomatoes directly from the chamber in less than 30 days! No need to transplant to soil or other media.


Tomato Production Technique Comparison Chart:
 Growing by seed vs. growing by propagate cuttings as discussed above


Tomato Production Comparison (seed vs cuttings)

You decide if aeroponics 
is the right way to grow
      Days to germinate:
      Days to first flower:
    Days until 1st  harvest:
68 - 95
  10 - 30 days
      Last day of harvest:
105 -120
   No. crops per year per
   sq. ft of greenhouse: 
              * Data by Colorado Power Partners, Denver, CO

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