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Finally - a compact Aeroponic unit for the serious grower!

Aeroponic Growing - compact and fast
120 individual plant support structures - holds single or multiple seeds/cuttings
Special Air-rich, Moist Environment for the serious grower
No soil needed! This High Capacity Aeroponic BenchTop Unit is 
perfect for the serious producer and grower.  Germinate your seeds and  propagate plants from cuttings - faster and easier using this soil-less true aeroponic technology
High volume production of vegetables, flowers, indoor/outdoor plants, trees and more
Closed loop Aeroponic System is Ready to Grow
This compact Aeroponic BenchTop Unit contains  120 plant support structures. Multiple seeds and/or cuttings  can be placed the plant support structures.  Just add water,  nutrients and liquid Beyond™ Plant Health Booster to the reservoir to germinate and grow the complimentary salad  seeds.  Precision digital control of the water/nutrient delivery,  recycling, and water filtration.  Start growing seeds and plants  with this volume product machine!

Horizontal BenchTop Unit

Horizontal BenchTop Unit

Compact Light Array and High Capacity BenchTop Unit.

High Capacity Unit - hign volume production - small footprint!


  • Aeroponic chamber
  • Microprocessor control - digital Timer
  • Adjustable intervals & durations
  • Grow vegetables / flowers / trees and more
  •  Ultra solution processing
  • 50 micron water droplet
  • Single or multiple per support
  • Large capacity 3.5 gal solution reservoir 
  • Black finish to increase solar gain
  • Automated - standalone operation
  • NEW Expandable ( up to 5 additional A-frames)
  • 100 psi nutrient solution delivery
  • Germination accessories
  • Includes nutrients, progaation agent and BEYOND Plant Health Booster & Manual

High Capacity Unit - Improved
Designed for the volume producer. Germinate seeds  and/or propagate hundreds of plants at once.  Perfect for greenhouse or indoor crop production.  Compact footprint to maximize your plant production  area, occupies only 1.62 sq. ft.  Companion plantings. Precision  control of the hydro-atomized spray jets and nutrient delivery.  Reuse all nutrients. Easy to maintain and operate. Programmable digital timer. No computer required.

High Capacity Unit

  • A frame design
  • 126 plant supports

Horizontal Unit

  • Same features as above
  • 36 plant supports
Propagation / Germination
Soil-less aeroponic system - grow hundreds of plants in a compact area
Rapid volume production 

Grow anywhere and anytime - vegetables, trees, indoor/outdoor plants and more

Optional Equipment

High Efficiency Light Arrays


  • High efficiency lighting
  • Energy Efficient Bias Bulb
  • 160-watt Output
  • UV & Infrared filtration
  • Compact design
  • Air Cooled
  • 20,000 hours bulb life
  • Wide angle - adjustable
  • Separate Transformer
  • 24 hour operation
  • Low heat factor
  • Highly reflective
  • Easy to installs
  • Size: 24" L x 20" W x 8" H

  Compact Light Array 
   Butterfly design
    • 160 watts

ButterFly Light Array

   Single Compact Light Array
    • 80 watts

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