Since 1983: Genesis Series Aeroponic System Growers and Researchers (partial listing)

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Agrigenetics Corp.

Madison, Wisconsin


Greensboro, N. Carolina

Rex Timber, 

Salines, California

Amfac Corporation

Ventura, California


Willsonvill, Oregon


Rochester, Washington

Arco Solar, 

Altanic Richfield

Woodland Hills, California

Dow Seed, 

Auckland, New Zealand

Foods System Technology

Toronto, ON Canada

International Growers:
General Development Services

Muscat, Oman

Jardines Enecida

Cobo Rojo, P.R. 

Litha Trading

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 

Diveros Mexicanos

Mexico City, Mexico

G. Loucaides Ltd.

Nicosia, Cyprus

Kaneko Seed

Tokyo, Japan


Clemson University 

Clemson, South Carolina

Southern Illinois University

Carbonale, Illinois

Colorado State University

Dr. Jim Linden

Fort Collins, Colorado

Texas A&M University

Dallas, Texas

University of Colorado
Bioserve (Nasa Commercialization Center)

Boulder, Colorado

University of California

Research and Extension Service

Davis, California

New York Agriculture College

Alfred, New York

Cornell University

Geneva, New York 

Government Agricultural Agency and Extension Services

Florida Extension Service

Largo, Florida

Rutger's University

Coop Extension Service

New Brunswick, NJ 

Pennylvania State

Department of Agriculture

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

U.S Department of Agriculture

Research Center

Prosser, Washington

Texas A & I University

Citrus Center

Weslco, Texas


Soil Conservation Service

Corning, New York

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