Aeroponic History - the beginning

Aeroponics International's patent for an Aeroponic method and apparatus, developed by Richard Stoner, Founder and President, for greenhouse and nursery crop production. It utilizes an enclosed pulsed application of a hydro-atomized nutrient mist for rapid propagation of plants from cuttings.  This Aeroponic technology was originally marketed in 1983 by Genisis Technology, of Boulder, CO.  There are over 1,500 installations of the Genisis Aeroponic technology worldwide.   Stoner left Genisis in 1986 and acquired the patent rights in 1988.


Aeroponic System Advancements

The original Genesis Aeroponic System has been significantly improved and redesigned for multi-crop production by Stoner since 1989.  The improvements included virtually replace in-vitro and greenhouse mini tuber and crop production.

Micro propagation specialists and other plant scientists who have observed this "new generation" of Aeroponic rapid plant biotechnology, named RPB by Aeroponic International, concur that it represents a novel and totally new approach to crop production and research.  For example, the implications for the potato industry utilizing RPB is expected to be 600% to 1400% more productive per sq. ft. compared to current tissue culture/greenhouse micro propagation.

Aeroponics International has also developed a modified version of RPB, offered as the Genesis Series III Aeroponic System.

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