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Grow more pesticide-free food - faster with less nutrients and water

High Performance Aeroponic Food Production Facility

Agro-Facility Features:

Life Support and A/C Units Water Purification Systems
Mobile Production Units Solar Array Units & Controllers

Never be without Fresh Safe Food!

Aeroponics is a soil-less technique of growing food crops in air.

Patented Technology

This patented technology uses natural oxygenation to rapidly accelerate crop growth and yields.

Space-age Growing

NASA research with these systems shows that this agritechnology can increase crop bio-mass production by over 80% when compared to other agricultural techniques.

Turn-Key Installation

AgriHouse offers a complete lineof high efficiency aeroponic systems ag and horticultural crop production. ROI in less than seven months!


* Ecologically Beneficial
* Reduces Water Usage
* Energy Efficient
* Improved Nutritional Value
* Maximizes Growth
* Increases Yields

NASA proven results:

  • Reduce water usage by 98%
  • Reduce fertilizer usage by 95%
  • Reduce pesticide usage by 99%
  • Increase crop yields by 45% to 80% or more
  • Grow in area not previously tillable!
  • No dirt required

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High Performance Aeroponic Food Production Facility AgriHouse sustain agritechnologies