Starting Tomato Crops - never use a seed again!

by Propagating Cuttings with Site Index

Step 1: 

Tomato cuttings with 
blooms and fruits taken  from 'mother plants'.  

Cuttings are inserted into the Aeroponic chamber.

Step 2: 

Tomato cuttings develop new 
root sytems  within 3 to 5 days. 

Step 3: 

Rooted cuttings removed 
from the chamber are  
transplanted into rockwool  
bags or soil containers.

Step 4: 

Drippers are placed next 
to the tomato plant stems.  
Plants double in size and leaf 
mass within 7 days.

Step 5: 

Tomato plants are tied 
up to support the heavy crop.

Step 6: 

The tomato crop completed tied into 
position to allow light to reach all areas 
of the plant and ripening tomatoes.

The tomato crop quickly 
doubles again in size and mass 
producing more blooms and fruits.

Step 7: 

By the 25th day the tomatoes 
ripen on the lower portion 
of the plants. 

Step 8:  

The upper portions of the tomato  
plants are full of fruits. 

Step 9:  

By the 27th day ripe tomatoes 
appear all over the plants.

Step 10:  

On day 30 ripen tomatoes  
are harvested from the plant.

Step 11:  

Each plant yields a significant 
number of ripe tomatoes for 

Step 12:  

Ready for market : 3 tomatoes = lbs

One lb (.5 kg)

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