Tomato Production Comparison with Site Index

Starting tomatoes from seeds vs using Aeroponics to propagate cuttings
Starting tomatoes from seeds 
Tomato cuttings propagated with Site Index
Seedlings shown above are 28 days old. They will be placed into bags and must grow another 37 days before the first  blooms appear. Click on the picture for a larger view. Cuttings with blooms and fruits (shown above) are rooted in 5 days in the Aeroponic chamber. On the fifth day they are place in the bags. Click on the picture for a larger view.
Seedlings shown above are now 45 days old. No blooms  or fruit have appeared yet. The Aeroponicly propagated cuttings are now 30 days 
old and the fruits are starting to ripen!

Site Index started tomato crops develop faster! 
The proof is in how fast the grower brings the harvest to market!    
This grower is harvesting (after 45 days) his Aeroponicly started crop (right). While the seedling crop has just begun to set their first fruits (left). The harvest (after 45 days) for Aeroponicly started 
a tomato plant equals or exceeds that of those started by seedlings and they are brought to market even faster!

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