Low cost Aeroponic BenchTop Unit
BenchTop Unit
Aeroponic Environmental  Control: 
  • Complete Aeration 
  • Moisture Retention
  • Evaporation control
  • Filtered Air Exchange 
  • 2- Stage Water Filtration 
  • Nutrient Recycling
  • Water level Indicator
Agricultural & Horticultural Uses: 
  • Seed Gemrination 
  • Propagate Plants using Cuttings 
  • Flowering 
  • Fruiting
  • Trees & Shrubs
  • Harvesting
  • Year around growing
  • Multiple plantings per Plant Support Structure

       Additional info:         
Lettuce seeds sprouting inside the BenchTop Unit

   You can grow plants using less 
   resources than ever before.  NASA 
   may someday use Aeroponics to 
   grow food in space. View the entire 
   plant system as it grows inside the
   Aeroponic chamber.

Eat what you grow!
Lettuce roots growing inside the soil-less environment

A unique environment is created for fast growth.  Plants grow in a 
moist air-rich chamber.
Roots absorb moisture and nutrients 
as they expand in darkness. 
The leaves grow toward light.

BenchTop Unit inside view of germinated seedlings and root systems

* Easy to Use 
* Fully Automated 
* Grow seeds and/or cuttings

Perfect for the classroom, lab and home.
Aeroponic growing for everyone, 
  buy yours today!
 *  Soil-less growing 
 *  Companion plantings
 *  Conserves water 
    & nutrients 
Conduct your own    experiments 
Grow many types of plants in air     Disease-Free 
Biocontrol info:

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            BEYOND All Natural Plant Amendment™ Brochure

           Testimony Letters

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