Genesis Series Aeroponic System
& nutrient/water recycling

System Overview:

 The Genesis SeriesAeroponic System is designed to operate in a modern greenhouse or controlled indoor environment. This System can be used to increase the production of hundreds of plant species through accelerated plant propagation and full term growth.

It is strongly recommended that the Aeroponic System be used in conjunction with the Water-Cycle components. Water Cycle will increase the production capability of the Genesis Series II Aeroponic System, conserve water, maintain balanced water chemistry, reduce nutrient expenses, and provide a sanitized growing environment.

To maximize the optimum growing conditions for plants grown in the Genesis Series II Aeroponic System, it can also be operated without the use of the Water-Cycle components, provided that your water system (well or tap water) meets the quality specs and standards for the system. Extensive Research has revealed a high water quality is one of the primary factors for success in growing plants with the Genesis Series II Aeroponic System. The system requires on exact environmental range for successful operation. The greenhouse or grow room must provide constant 68 to 79 degree F. air and water temperature range, adequate air exchange, sunlight or the equivalent (as provided by high intensity halide growing lamps), and supply pressurized quality water to the system at 75 to 95 psi.

The modular components of the Genesis Series II Aeroponic System and Water-Cycle are described in detail in the following pages. To understand the uses of each of the products that make up the Genesis Series II Aeroponic System and Water-Cycle please refer to the following block diagrams which show the layout of each piece of equipment and its function.

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