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Core Management Team

Photo: Loveland Reporter Herald Newspaper
Aeroponics International president Richard J. Stoner II, left, and Dr. Kenneth Knutson (right) describe their new approach help activate the  plant's natural growth characteristics and true Aeroponic technology.

Richard J. Stoner II

President & CEO, Founder

Inventor and entrepreneur with 30 years startup, business & strategic planning, high technology, product & software development, research, manufacturing, quality assurance, marketing, sales and fund raising experience. Mr. Stoner has been the Principal Investigator (PI) of numerous R&D grants including NASA and the National Science Foundation (NSF). His agritechnology has been flow on NASA's space shuttle and tested on the MIR space station and field tested by the USDA. Mr. Stoner is considered by many in the agriculture and horticultural industry to be the "father of american aeroponic technology".


Dr. Ken Knutson

Chairman Science Advisory Board

Over 33 years as a pathologist and researcher at Colorado State University. Most recently he is responsible for the introduction of tissue culture to the seed potato industry. Dr. Knutson's past efforts have provided the industry with its currently used laboratory certified and tissue culture propagated seed potatoes to farmers. He is widely known and respected. Dr. Knutson's efforts have resulted in improving seed potato production standards and quality throughout the potato industry.


Aeroponics International is a leading edge ag-biotech company with revolutionary patented and patented technologies for the improvement of the human condition and the environment.

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