Starter Material for Aeroponics

Seed Crops:
Vegetables, flowers and herbs
can be easily grown from seed
in an our aeroponic systems. 
Depending upon species and 
cultivar, seed prices may vary 
from fractions of a cent to 
over $1.00 or more per seed. 

Grow flowers, vegetables, herbs and hundreds of other species from seeds right  inside  the aeroponic chamber

Seed Enhancement: 
Treated new/aged seeds with YEA!
Seed Treatment - makes old seed good again.
Crops grown from cuttings: 
Many trees, shurbs, herbs, 
vegetables flowers and houseplants 
can be quickly rooted and grown 
from stem cuttings. 

Air rooting is fast and efficient inside the aeroponic chamber - plants can be cloned in days just from a cutting at hardly any cost

Sources of Cuttings
In many cases cuttings
can be found locally at very little
cost. However, some cuttings, such
as orchids and african violets,
can cost $1 or more.