Selling Price

The price per plant will depend
upon the quality and freshness
as well as the season and 

Market ready plants, flower, vegetables, herbs and more can be grown inside the aeroponic chambers

Vegetables such as special 
varieties lettuce and herbs
can sell for $.25 to $2.00 each.

Crop can be removed and sold whenever you have a customer ready to buy.

Trees and shrubs sold as bear
rooted plant can sell for $.40 
to $10.00 each.

Clone large trees for a fast turn-around for a market ready crop that can be sold either wholesale or retail

Flowers can be sold by the stem
or as a whole plant for $.50
to $5.00 or more.

Clone houseplants, flowers, herbs and  many other plant speciies - the demand is huge for many exotic hard to grow plants

Determine the Selling Price

Determine if your market is 
wholesale or retail.  Enter 
the selling price into
the input box.