Crop Density

Each aeroponic chamber top consists of 160 
plants support structures (PSS) openings. 
Each PSS can hold one or many seeds or 
Ways to plant using Aeroponics
Propagate Cuttings Germinate Seeds
Clone directly from a vegetative cutting. Insert any  number of them direclty into each PSS  - they will stay fresh and turgid develoing a root system in days Plant 25, 50 or 100 seeds in each PSS.  As they grow they can tranplanted into  other empty PSS to quickly develop into full grown plants in days
Profitable crop densities can be
achieved within a short growing cycle

How to Plant

Cuttings: Insert one or more cuttings 
into each PSS. In many cases, as many as
10 cuttings or more (depending upon stem
diameter) can be inserted into each. 
Shown below: Tomato cuttings

Save time and the expensive seeds by cloning directly from a cutting from a mother plants.

Seeds: Insert one or more seeds into 
the Seed-Pads and insert it into PSS 
as shown below.

High density pl;ants can be achieved from planting many seeds or cuttings into each PSS

What is the maximum crop density?
This will depend upon the crop,in general, 
with our aeroponic systems the crop density
will be higher than  other forms of growing.
Grow in densities 10 times higher per sq meter  the other types of traditional growing including hydroponics